Gonder lies 748 kilometers along the route from the capital and the founding of Gonder as the capital of early 17th century Ethiopia. The oldest and most impressive of Gondar’s many imperial structures is the palace of Emperor Fasiladas (1632 – 1967) and it is impressive architectural palace. There are also numerous other fascinating historical buildings and relics to be seen in the area. Gonder regime was the major turning point of the country’s history in different aspects. What was new and memorable about Gonder was not its ideal new location, but the fact that it was destined to remain Ethiopia’s capital for over two centuries. Gonder is one of the most important historical and cultural attractions with an ideal access to the Semein mountains natural park hosting the Fasil compound Semein Mountains as the two world heritages registered by UNESCO. The Royal enclosure, a walled compound having 6 different castles built from 17th 19th centaury by different Kings, The pool of King Fasilidas which is still serves as a baptismal pool during Ethiopian Epiphany, as well as several churches including the Deberberhan Sillasie known for the elaborate Remarkable ceiling paintings of decorated with winged angles. Gonder is also the home of the black Jewish or Felashas. Numerous castle like placed dated from early 17th century to mid 19 century when it was a capital it was emerged as one of the largest and most populous city in realm.